Publish Code Coverage to SonarQube

You will see how to publish code coverage to SonarQube in 2 simple steps.

  1. Enable “xml” parameter in rktracer configuration file to generate SonarQube xml file.
  2. Set reports path in sonar properties file to SonarQube xml file in project .

When you generate RKTracer code coverage reports, you need to use the following parameter along with the report generate command.

rkresults -xml

With the above command, the RKTracer tool will generate two XML reports.

rktracer.xml for Jenkins

rktracer-sonarqube.xml for SonarQube


To publish code coverage to sonarqube, you need to edit the project properties file and add the following details.




Then run sonar scanner to publish code coverage data to SonarQube

Code Coverage SonarQube
Code Coverage reports SonarQube

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