About RKTracer Tool configuration file

RKTracer configuration file has been developed based on simple usage .gitignore, i.e., simple, easy to understand, and use.

When you enable the RKTracer tool for instrumenting the application, by default RKTracer tool will refer to rktracer.config file in the RKTracer installation folder. Suppose you wanted to use a custom configuration file based on the project name, i.e., project.config, then copy rktracer.config to project working directory, and you can rename rktracer.config to project-name.config, as rktracer will read “.config” file extension. The configuration file in the project directory will override the rktracer.config file in the RKTracer installation folder.

Note: You should never delete the rktracer.config file from the RKTracer tool installation folder. By default, RKTracer tool internal files have been ignored from instrumentation. You should never modify it.

RKTracer configuration file can be used in the following cases:

  • Instrumenting selected files and generating coverage reports.
  • Instrumenting selected functions and generating coverage reports.
  • Enable mutation coverage generation
  • Disable parallel build.
  • Generate XML reports.
  • Append coverage data or reset coverage data on update.
  • Generate MCDC code coverage.

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