Automated Unit Test Generator and Code Coverage Tool

For Software Developers & QA Testers

Improve your unit testing and integration testing of safety-critical software
on native host and embedded target platforms or on server platforms.

An in-depth code coverage analysis for applications developed in C, C++, C#,
Java, JavaScript, Python, Golang, and Swift to identify gaps in testing.


How It Works

Automated unit tests generation for your applications made simple with the RKTracer tool. Create automated unit test cases in GoogleTest framework or Unity framework and analyze code coverage for unit testing, integration testing and functional testing.


Increase speed of unit testing, integration testing and code coverage

By implementing RKTracer tool ,you will

  • Tests can be conducted more efficiently
  • Up to 75% reduction in manual testing costs
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to evaluate a project’s quality
  • Improve software quality
  • Obtain an ROI within a short period of time
RKTracer plugin for IDEs

Easily Integrates with all IDEs and Build Systems

  • Supports all Compilers, Cross-Compilers and Embedded targets with or without files systems.
  • It supports all IDEs and build systems, such as IAR embedded, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and many more
  • Increase the efficiency of testing with auto-generation of unit tests in GoogleTest and Unity.
  • Code Coverage analysis for unit testing, integration and functional testing.
  • Full support for continuous integration, Azure Devops and sonarqube.

Generate Unit Tests in GoogleTest and Unity framework

  • It is very easy to learn for users and has a nice user-friendly interface.
  • Saves 80% of the time it takes to set up a project for testing your application with GoogleTest framework or Unity framework.
  • When you generate unit tests using RKTracer, all dependencies related to GoogleTest/unity will be added to the project.
  • The runtime Gtest/unity library is automatically added to the project when unit tests are generated.
  • No manual modification to the application code is required for testing private, protected, and file static functions.
  • RKTracer allows you to modify their unit tests to meet additional requirements without worrying about dependencies.
  • Support for inhouse/custom unit test frameworks.
RKTracer Unit Tests Generator for GoogleTest

Code Coverage

Expand Code Coverage

  • Code coverage for C , C++, C#, Java, JS, TS, Golang and Python languages
  • Check code coverage testing on a host platform, simulator, emulator, or an embedded target.
  • Code coverage reports for unit testing, Integration testing ,functional testing and system testing.
  • Code Coverage levels Function, Statement, Branch/Decision, Condition, MC/DC coverage and Multi condition coverage.
  • Mutation Code coverage only for refactored code or newly added code for better analysis.
  • Code Coverage reports in HTML, XML, Azure, Jenkins and SonarQube.

Seamless integration with CI

  • Increased build frequency with unit tests. 
  • Increased code coverage with mutation code coverage reports.
  • Plugins for Jenkins and Azure Devops.
  • Improve software quality with RKtracer and Sonarqube.  

Detect bugs in a test environment before a build is put into a production environment or introduced to a client

Jenkins Code Coverage

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