unit testing and code coverage

Auto generates unit tests using GTest or Unity framework and analyse code coverage of your application at granular level.

Measure code coverage of your embedded system application even without file system.

Examine code coverage of your android app on native host or emulator or phone with three simple steps.

Analyse code coverage of your web application or UI application with two simple steps.

Automate code coverage reports in Jenkins or azure Devops and publish reports to SonarQube


How It Works

Automated unit testing of your applications made simple with the RKTracer tool. Create automated unit test cases in Google Test Framework and analyze code coverage for unit testing, integration testing and functional testing.

Is it compatible with my system

RKTracer has plug-ins for almost every IDE, CMD, and CI environment.

Automated Unit testing with GTest & Unity

Automatic generation of unit test cases with Google test framework or unity framework or integrates with every test frameworks.

In depth code coverage analysis

RKTracer has plug-ins for almost every IDE, CMD, and CI Easily integrates with tests and provides a comprehensive code coverage analysis of native host and embedded target platforms or server systems.

Seamless integration with CI

Fully automate your tests in a continuous integration environment with rktracer plugins for Jenkins , Azure DevOps and SonarQube.

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