Code Coverage Analysis Tool for Software Development, Testing, and Quality Assurance Teams

Analyze the amount of code run during software testing process. Analyze and remove dead code from applications, libraries tested on host machines, embedded targets, and servers.

Generate Coverage with existing build environment GUI or command line

Integrate the rktracer tool with your development or testing environments  and automatically produce code coverage for your unit tests, integration tests, and functional tests.
RKTracer offers plugins for a number of integrated development environments (IDEs), Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Azure DevOps, and SonarQube.

Detailed Coverage information for untested code

Code coverage metrics enable you to monitor and optimize your testing operations, as well as increase your productivity. Improve your understanding of your code during the testing process with code coverage metrics i.e Lines(inter line coloring), Statements, Decisions, Conditions, MC/DC, and Multiple Condition Code Coverage.
As you add new features to your product or address issues on a regular basis delta coverage and Code Coverage should be checked for any new lines of code.

More Reasons To Love RKTracer Code Coverage Tool

Supports all flavors of Windows, Linux & Mac OS Platforms.
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Very easy to use tool with very low memory footprint Check Demo Videos for info
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Supports Multiple Languages without any Limitations
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Plugin for ALL IDEs, Jenkins, Azure DevOps and SonarQube for ease of using
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All Compilers, Cross-Compilers ,Including In-house are Supported
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ALL Embedded Targets Including Microcontrollers Supported
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Supports All Code Coverage Metrics Levels with Detailed information
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Merging multiple coverage reports even with changes in code
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Delta Coverage and Code Coverage for New/Modified lines
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24/5 Technical Support in Call/Online/Email
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Why choose us

In addition to the two decades of experience in the software testing industry, here is what we bring to the table:

Easy to use tool

Activate the rktracer tool in the IDE or the prefix to the build command, then rebuild and test on the host, target, or server as necessary and generate report

Build Environments

All Compiler, Corss-Compiler, and Embedded devices are supported. SonarQube compatibility and support for all build systems in CI/CD

Detailed Coverage Reports

Interline coloring is supported for all Code Coverage metrics, including reports with Delta Code Coverage and Coverage for new lines of code.

24/5 Support

We never want our clients to be stuck at any time of day or night. Our 24 hour assistance eliminates that concern. We shall be here immediately upon your call

Technical Code Coverage Demo

Demonstration of the RKTracer Code Coverage Tool on a wide range of development environments, including host computers, emulators, embedded devices, and servers.