RKTracer Windows Installation

To install the RKTracer code coverage tool on your windows machine, you need to download the RKTracer Installer and the free trial license.

When you download the RKTracer, you receive two files. The first one is the Installer file, and the second one is the trial license file. Right-click on the RKTracer Installer and click on the open.

When you open the RKTracer, you will see the screen. Just click on the more information option and click Run anyway. Now you will see user access control pop-up press yes.

Now you will see the RKTrace Installer on your pc. Click next 

RKTracer installer step 1
RKTracer installation step 1

And you will see the agreement section of RKTracer installer. Press “I Agree” to option to continue the installation.

RKTracer i agree step 2
RKTracer installation step 2

Now you can see the file location of the RKTracer. Do not change the file location of RKTracer and click the next button.

RKTracer installer default location
RKTracer installation step 3

Follow the installation instructions and the RKTracer is successfully installed on your windows machine. Click the Finish button.

RKTracer installation completed
RKTracer installation completed

License setup

To setup rktracer license, you need copy RKTracer license file to rktracer installation folder.

RKTracer installation folder
win.lic license file copied to rktracer installation folder

Open command prompt and run command “rktracer -version” and you will see the message. This is licensed to rkvalidate software private limited.

RKTracer license setup
RKTracer license setup

Above message represents that you successfully configured the RKTracer license on your windows machine

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