RKTracer Tool Key Features?

An automated unit tests generation and code coverage tool must be flexible enough to operate with existing build configurations to be effective. Even if existing applications or legacy code with or without unit testing, integration testing and functional testing. 

  • Using rktracer gives you peace of mind since it supports all compilers, cross-compilers, IDEs, and embedded target devices.
  • The rktracer tool is easy to learn and use. You can generate unit tests or code coverage by prefixing the rktracer keyword to your build command, or by enabling it in your IDE and rebuilding.
  • You can generate unit tests in your existing development or testing environment without having to import your project to a vendor tool.
  • Support for Test-Driven Development(TDD).
  • The only tool that is capable of generating unit tests in the GoogleTest framework or Unity framework.
  • There is no other tool that allows you to automatically add the generated unit tests to your project with just two commands. This allows you to modify, enhance, run, and maintain unit tests even if you do not have to use the rktracer tool. 
  • You can use it as a code coverage tool for C, C++ for unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, and system testing on host and target devices. 
  • You can also use it as a code coverage tool for C#, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, and Python. 
  • Using RKTracer, you can obtain code coverage information at a detailed level.
  • Additionally, RKTracer will provide you with code coverage reports for mutation testing. By doing so, developers will be able to determine whether refactored lines of code have been covered or not. 

More detailed information about RKTracer Tool

Platforms Supported:

RKTracer is available for use on the following platforms:

  • Linux (32- and 64-bit)
  • Windows (32- and 64-bit)
  • macOS (32- and 64-bit)
  • Solaris

In-house custom OS platforms: RKTracer can be custom-built for any in-house Operating System that your organization utilizes. Please contact us for additional information.

C/C++ Language:

C versions: C89, C90, C95, C99, C11, C17

C++ versions: C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20

Supported Compiler families:

RKTracer doesn’t depend on target architecture or concrete compiler names. Following are some of the compilers list

  • GNU gcc/g++
  • LLVM/clang
  • Borland/Paradigm/Embarcadero compiler
  • Intel Compiler
    • Icc & icl
  • Microsoft compiler
    • VS2005 to VS2019.
    • Project with precompiled headers is also supported
  • IAR Compiler
    • All ~23 icc* compiler and corresponding linker.
  • Keil / Raisonance
    • c51, c251, c166, cx51 (IDE integration)
    • rc51, rcstm8, rcst7
  • Arm / Keil: armcc
  • Texas Instrument Compilers
    • All working. (armcl, cl16x, cl2000, cl430, cl55, cl500, cl6x, clpru, cl-arp32 tested)
  • Microchip/MPLab
    • xc8-cc, xc16-gcc, xc32-gcc
    • pic compilers pic10, pic12, pic16, pic18
  • GHS/Greenhill’s
  • Many more

Sample Target Hardware:

Any hardware that supports modern programming languages can be the target hardware for our code coverage tool. The following is a list of the commonly used hardware.

  • Intel x86 and x64
  • ARM
  • IA64
  • PowerPC (PPC)
  • MIPS
  • AURIX™ TriCore
  • Many more….

Supports all build systems and tests frameworks.

  • GNU Makefile, Cygwin, Nmake, gmake, QT Makefile,
  • Scons
  • Cmake:
  • Microsoft Visual studio cmake
  • MinGW cmake
  • nmake cmake
  • GNU cmake
  • MSBuild C, C++, and C#
  • dotnet (.NET core)
  • Gradle build and NDK build
  • Maven build
  • ANT build
  • Bazel

RKTracer tool plugin for IDEs.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.
  • IAR Embedded Workbench IDE
  • Simplicity Studio IDE
  • Greenhills Multi IDE
  • Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Keil uVision/Keil MDK-ARM IDE
  • DS-5 ARM IDE
  • Microchip MPLAB IDE
  • Renesas e2 Studio IDE
  • Android Studio IDE
  • Tizen IDE
  • Eclipse IDE
  • NetBeans IDE

C# Language:

  • Microsoft compiler CSC (Supports all versions)
  • Mono C# Compilers (Supports all versions)
  • dotNET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”)
  • Build environments Visual Studio, don’t, and MSBuild.
  • VS IDE 2005 to VS 2019 IDE supported

Java/Kotlin Language:

  • Supports 7 and above of Java Sun/oracle/OpenJDK versions.

JavaScript/TypeScript Language:

  • NodeJS (V8) (All versions are supported)
  • Extension to JavaScript (All versions are supported)
    • JSX (ReactJS)
    • TypeScript
  • JerryScript (All versions are supported)

Python Language:

  • Python version 2.7 to the latest version supported
  • Following interpreters or compiler supported
    • IronPython, CPython, Jython, nuitka, pypy, python, micro python

Go Language:

  • Supports Golang versions from 1.5.4 to the latest version

Swift Language:

  • Supports Swift versions up to 5.0

Supported Code Coverage metrics

  • Function Coverage
  • Line Coverage
    • Green: Fully Coverage
    • Yellow: Partial Coverage
    • Red: Not Covered
  • Statement Coverage
  • Branch or Decision Coverage
  • Condition Coverage
  • MC/DC Code Coverage (Supported only for C & C++)
  • Multiple-Condition Code Coverage
  • Mutation Code Coverage or Delta coverage
  • Code Coverage for New/Modified lines

Continuous Integration:

Do you want to access real-time coverage and analysis for a build as soon as it is released? Do you want to assess recent changes in the code?

Well, you have it. RKTracer integrates directly into several build-and-test frameworks and acts as a Continuous Integration (CI) component.

  • Plugin for Jenkins
  • Plugin for Azure DevOps
  • SonarQube (all versions are supported)


Our Coverage Browser built within lets you interactively assess and generate reports in several formats:

  • HTML – You can browse through the summary at the project level, file-level, and function level, as well as the in-depth analysis on a Web Browser. Including delta coverage and coverage for new lines
  • XML – You can export the raw data and process it as per your needs
  • SonarQube – You can integrate the code coverage into SonarQube.

Advanced Analysis:

RKTracer goes beyond the general coverage standards. In the post-processing phase, you can utilize the extra information to get more depth in your analysis.

  • Delta Code Coverage.
  • Code Coverage for New/modified lines of code.
  • Built-in Comparison of coverage results from one build to another.

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