RKtracer tool

A Comprehensive Offline Unit Testing and Code Coverage Tool for C and C++

Unlock the true potential of embedded software quality with RKTracer tool. As a unit testing, integration testing and code coverage tool, RKTracer ensures reliable and error-free software deployments. Explore the benefits, features, and best practices to elevate your software development lifecycle.

RKTracer Tool

RKTracer is an offline software testing automation tool designed for unit testing, integration testing, and code coverage analysis of both embedded and enterprise applications. Developed by RKValidate Software, its main objective is to save developers time, effort, and money by generating automated unit and integration tests, tailored especially for applications written in C and C++.

Key Features and Capabilities of RKTracer

RKTracer is compatible with a wide range of compilers, cross-compilers, debuggers, embedded targets, IDEs, and build systems, catering to diverse development environments.

Effortlessly integrate RKTracer into your existing build system or testing environment without the need to shift your project to external vendor IDs. Whether you’re working on an embedded system, device driver, GUI application, or a game, RKTracer has you covered.

The tool facilitates cross-platform embedded system testing, automatically incorporating the required libraries for cross-compilation.

RKTracer autonomously generates unit test cases by instrumenting the application source code.

In instances where certain modules or components are missing during testing, RKTracer enables the creation of stubs (to mimic absent function definitions) and drivers (to emulate controlling modules).

RKTracer goes beyond mere unit testing, allowing integration testing, system testing, and user interface testing on both build machines and embedded targets, ensuring the code functions as expected

It offers a variety of code coverage metrics, including line, statement, branch, condition, multiple-condition, MC/DC (Modified Condition/Decision Coverage), and others, ensuring thorough testing of the application

This feature helps developers identify sections of the application influenced by code modifications, facilitating focused testing.

It seamlessly integrates with CI/CD tools and supports agile and test-driven development.

User Interface for Generating Unit Tests

The RKTracer UI showcases a hierarchical project layout. The left side displays a list of source files and their respective functions. On the right, users can find detailed information about each function, including parameters, initialization processes, mocking, stubbing, and more.

  • Generating test cases for selected functions.
  • Creating parameterized test cases for functions or member functions based on user-defined input values, expected outputs, assert checks, or boundary conditions.
  • Generating stubs for missing function definitions.
  • Testing private, protected, and file static functions without altering the application code.
  • Full customization of the auto-generated unit test cases, with the flexibility to run them independently of RKTracer on either the host platform or target device.

How does it work?

  1. Integration: Integrate RKTracer with your preferred IDE (like IAR Embedded Workbench IDE, Eclipse, Keil μVision, Visual Studio, and more) or command-line build setting. Plug-ins ensure a smooth integration process.
  2. Configuration: Simply Turn ON RKTracer. The tool recognizes the compiler or cross-compiler and adds the essential runtime libraries, making configuration effortless for host/target testing.
  3. Generation and Execution: Generate unit tests cases that will/can be integrated into your build system. Execute the tests in your native environment or on an embedded device, independent of RKTracer.
  4. Code Coverage Reports: With a single click, generate comprehensive code coverage reports for your application, whether on the host or a target machine testing.

The RKTracer isn’t merely a unit testing and code coverage tool; it’s an all-inclusive solution designed to integrate flawlessly into your development environment, offering a plethora of features to streamline and elevate the testing experience. Elevate the quality and dependability of your application with RKTracer today!

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