About RKValidate Software Pvt

About Us

RKValidate is a privately-run organization, founded in 2020 to specialize in code coverage tools. Our standout product, RKTracer, is a pioneering code coverage suite for applications built on Python, Kotlin, Golang, and Swift.

We serve freelance programmers, small startups, and multinational corporations around the world in diverse industry segments, including IT, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, EDA, Automotive, Healthcare, Accounting, Press & Media, and More. 

When testing new code, a major pain point is a hassle to understand the sections of code that were tested and those missed. RKValidate’s RKTracer will become an integral part of your development workflow by giving you a programmatic approach to code coverage, insightful reports, and metrics that will help you understand your software/products and features better. This was our main inspiration when creating the RKTracer code coverage tool: To help you test code quality with a tool that’s easy to use, user friendly, with concise reports, and with adequate support for backup & bugs. 

The first test to building performance insights and identifying the source of bugs is understanding the parts of your code that remain untested. Our tool supports line, statement, branch, condition, and multiple condition coverage levels. Supported platforms include all Microsoft, Windows, and Linux versions, all Apple Mac OS flavors, and Android OS. RKTracer supports all build environments.

Reports can be generated in HTML, XML, Jenkins, and SonarQube formats.  Jenkins, Hudson, and In-house Custom Integration build are all supported. RKTracer supports all versions of SonarQube as well.

Our easy-to-use tool guarantees speedy code analysis that executes hundreds of files within seconds. You’ll generate reports without unit test cases, and all coverage reports are easy to understand.

What’s more? The code coverage process using RKTracer can be automated if you choose to test it in Jenkins. You’ll have an easy time as well when manually checking reports that have been uploaded by the RKTracer tool to Jenkins. You can merge the code from unit test case and system testing. You may also choose to publish the HTML report generated by the RKTracer tool in SonarQube.

With our support team who have over 20 years of experience, you’ll never go wrong with RKTracer. We’re ready to answer all your code coverage questions and provide more details regarding the use of our RKTracer Code coverage tool. We offer a FREE tool trial upon request. Contact us today: info@rkvalidate.com