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RKTracer Unit Testing tool for GoogleTest

The RKTracer tool can help you save time, effort, and money while verifying embedded systems and desktop applications. It aids in the automated generation of unit test cases in GTest and integration tests for C and C++ code, as well as the generation of code coverage data. 

You can run unit tests within your development workflow. 

You can run unit tests and integration tests on the build machine or embedded targets and verify that application code behaves as expected

You can also add the RKTracer unit test cases generated to existing applications as well as integrate them directly with continuous test environments

Capabilities of the RKTracer

  • You can integrate the RKTracer automation tool into your existing development or testing environments.
  • Generates unit test cases for applications written in C and C++, such as games, GUIs, Android apps, device drivers and embedded systems.
  • Generate code coverage metrics for unit tests and integration tests for application testing on the host platform or embedded target.
  • Improve your testing processes by generating code coverage analysis reports and mutation coverage reports.


  • C and C++ support for C89, C90, C95, C99, C11, C17, C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20.
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms.
  • Supports all compilers, cross-compilers, simulators and embedded systems architectures.
  • Comes with a plugin for IDEs, Continuous integration.
  • Supports testing on host, simulator, emulator and embedded targets.
  • Generates reports in HTML,XML and many more.
  • Supports Command line integration.
  • Support for Jenkins, Azure Devops and SonarQube

Integrates with existing developmental or build environments IDEs or CMD.

As one needs to just enable or prefix rktracer to build the system

Automatically detects and adds runtime library for cross-platform embedded systems

Automatic unit tests generation in unity framework or googletest/GTest framework or custom framework of your choice.

Full control over how you run unit tests on embedded targets.

  • Function Coverage,
  • Line Coverage: In Depth coverage analysis with covered(green), partial(yellow) and uncovered(red)
  • Statement Coverage, 
  • Decision Coverage, 
  • Condition Coverage, 
  • MC/DC Coverage 
  • Multiple Condition Coverage.
  • Mutation Coverage and Coverage for refactored codes.
  • Supports Agile and Test Driven Development.

Generating unit tests

Unit tests can be generated using GoogleTest or Unity Framework. The RKTracer user interface(RKUNIT GUI) provides a project tree structure with a list of the source files and their corresponding functions.

  • You can generate a test case for a selected function.
  • You can generate multiple test cases for the same function, based on the requirement with user-defined input values and expected output/assert check.
  • No need to modify your application code to test private, protected functions and file static functions.
  • Furthermore, you can fully customize/edit the auto-generated unit test cases and run unit tests independent of rktracer tool on host platform or target device.

How does it work?

Integrate RKTracer with existing build environment through command line interface or IDEs, for example, IAR Embedded Workbench IDE, Keil uVision IDE, Visual Studio IDE, and many more.

From the official git repository, clone the GoogleTest framework or Unity framework to the rktracer installation folder.

Enable the RKTracer tool and rebuild applications in your build environment. The RKTracer tool will auto-detect the compiler or cross-compiler and add the runtime time libraries (zero time spent on tool configuration) to your project build system.

RKTracer takes care of adding the auto-generated unit tests to your build system automatically.

You can run unit tests on your native host or embedded device, independently of the rktracer tool, in your existing build setup or test environment.

With just a click of the mouse, generate code coverage reports for your application.

Don’t take our word for it. Try the RKTracer tool for a 30-day free trial?

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